Taylor Theatre presents an original adaption of Mozart’s comic opera

The Marriage of Figaro.

Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro whisks us through the events of one “crazy day” as Figaro, Lord Almaviva’s valet, tries to wed Susanna, the Lady Almaviva’s maid, before their philandering lord can get to her first. Filled with Mozart’s glorious music, The Marriage of Figaro is widely regarded to be one of the greatest comic operas ever written. This production includes plot of intrigue, mistaken identities, and unexpected revelations unravelling in early 20th Century England in which the servants who live downstairs are perfectly capable of thwarting their masters who live upstairs at every turn.


November 13-14 & November 20-21
8pm, Mitchell Theatre

November 15 & 22
2pm, Mitchell Theatre

The show runs approximately three hours.

In this production of The Marriage of Figaro, artistic director Tracy Manning, musical director Dr. Conor Angell, music consultant Dr. Patricia Robertson, and assistant director Alexis Jade Colón have adapted the recitative into dialogue. Dr. Conor Angell will also make his debut as conductor of the Taylor Symphony Orchestra.

Scroll down the left menu to learn more about the show!



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